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Gyromancer giveaway

Gyromancer giveaway

Gyromancer is a Puzzle RPG

Gyromancer giveaway has expired!

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Gyromancer is a Puzzle RPG

Gyromancer is a Pop Cap / Square Enix collaboration. This is a Puzzle RPG.
Join Rivel and his companion, Laska, on a grand chase spanning twelve stages. What awaits at the end of the hunt?
Each stage contains its own objectives, from defeating the beasts that block your way to solving puzzles before time runs out. Rivel can learn to summon dozens of the beasts he encounters, bending their power to his will. Each beast you command in battle is unique, so find the one that best suits your play style.
Hidden within each stage are a number of awards earned for completing feats great and small. Finding them all won't be easy. Are you up to the challenge?

  • New battle system based on Bejeweled Twist
  • Command unique beasts to battle your foes
  • Search the map for items, coins, and new beasts to fight at your side
  • Gain levels in battle and acquire powerful new beasts
  • Assume the role of Rivel, a deadly mage, as he rids Aldemona Wood of a brooding darkness

Product homepage: Gyromancer

Company homepage: Square Enix,PopCap Games, Inc.,Square Enix


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Added: 09.07.2018 19:07, User: JEDI GEG

I had the same problem with a few previous giveaways . Try to clear the browsers cache and then log of and login again . That worked for me . It's not a 100% successful , but it's worth a try . Some times you just have to wait to unblock on its own .
Added: 04.07.2018 07:07, User: Coir01

Maybe there is some problem with my browser Vivaldi... I can reach the link on Firefox... Sorry for bothering you.
Added: 03.07.2018 18:07, User: Dzi

Are you sure? I see that people has entered into giveaway. Link is: [URL]https://giveaway.download.hr/pc-games/gyromancer[/URL]
Added: 03.07.2018 16:07, User: Coir01

Still not working..:(
Added: 02.07.2018 15:07, User: Dzi

Try now. Sorry for the problem
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