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Ashampoo Video Converter giveaway

Ashampoo Video Converter giveaway

Program to convert videos with ease
Program to convert videos with ease

Ashampoo Video Converter converts your videos into any format with ease. The program is highly usable and self-explanatory. Once you select your videos, you can either pick a format or target device. Ashampoo Video Converter features numerous presets for cellphones, gaming consoles and Apple devices to ensure that your videos will work on those devices. It also comes with optimized presets for popular video portals such as Facebook, Youtube, Vimeo and others for easy uploads without the need for additional conversion and quality loss. Thanks to batch processing, multiple movies can be converted simultaneously and even joined into a single file if needed. The program supports NVENC and Intel HD Graphics technology and utilizes the GPU for fast results. Essential video editing features to adjust brightness, sharpness and contrast are also included. The program supports resolutions up to 4K. Feature highlights: - Convert videos to any common format - Intuitive program design for easy handling - Presets for iPad, iPhone, Apple TV, all common Android devices, PlayStation, Xbox, Windows Phone - Perfect for Facebook, Youtube, MyVideo, Dailymotion and Vimeo videos - Accelerated conversion through NVENC and Intel HD Graphics technology - Resolutions up to 4K

Product homepage: Ashampoo Video Converter

Company homepage: ashampoo GmbH & Co. KG


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Added: 17.05.2017 19:05, User: kubik67

[QUOTE = "Дзи, сообщение: 1: 68300, член"] [B]Описание Ashampoo Video Converter:[/B] Программа для конвертирования видео с легкостью Обычная цена этого программного продукта. Поддавки ЭТОМ В вы Можете Получить ЕГО [B]бесплатно[/B] ! Дешевая распродажа заканчивается 15 мая 2017 года. [IMG]https://www.download.hr/pictures/giveaway_normal/ashampoo-video-converter.png[/IMG] Посетите поддавки страницы для получения дополнительной информации: [URL='https://giveaway.download.hr/windows/ashampoo-video-converter']Ashampoo Video Converter поддавки[/URL] [/ QUOTE] [QUOTE = "Дзи, должность: 68681, член: 1"] Привет победителей связаться по электронной почте. Пожалуйста, проверьте свою электронную почту [/ QUOTE] Thank you. I apologize for the inconvenience. Key received. .
Added: 17.05.2017 18:05, User: Dzi

Hi winners are contacted through email. Please check your email
Added: 16.05.2017 21:05, User: kubik67

Thanks for the giveaway of Ashampoo Video Converter. Waiting for serial key activation. Played under the name Entering as YURY KUZMIN
Added: 13.05.2017 14:05, User: Natascha

[QUOTE="kubik67, post: 68620, member: 33009"]To download a trial version for 40 days on the official website ... [/QUOTE] Thanks for the hint, but I expected this offer to be a FREE version, not a time-limited crippleware.
Added: 13.05.2017 13:05, User: kubik67

[QUOTE="Natascha, post: 68618, member: 35866"]1st time in my life, I cannot find the download button for a giveaway ;-) that is: Ashampoo Video Converter Can anybody enlighten me?[/QUOTE] To download a trial version for 40 days on the official website [url="https://www.ashampoo.com/en/usd/pin/0096/multimedia-software/video-converter"]Ashampoo® Video Converter - Overview[/url]
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