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Ashampoo Video Deflicker giveaway

Ashampoo Video Deflicker giveaway

Fix annoying flickering in your videos

Ashampoo Video Deflicker 1.0.0 giveaway has expired!

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Ashampoo Video Deflicker
Giveaway winner(s):
MJ Nunag
John Barry
Peter Dragonetti
Serneels David
Long Engie
Fix annoying flickering in your videos

Especially when shooting timelapse videos, strobing, as caused by like light bulbs, can lead to annoying flicker. Ashampoo Video Deflicker fixes flickering videos automatically, including propeller flicker often found in drone or airplane footage. The program even takes care of display flicker when filming off computer screens without any need for manual user intervention! Enjoy flicker-free and visually stable videos! Ashampoo Video Deflicker does more than the name implies. It also rotates and crops your videos. The program mirrors and rotates videos either by 90 / 180 / 270 degrees or freely with custom image formats and aspect ratios. And while other programs have you click through multiple nested menus, Ashampoo Video Stabilization bundles all features in one easily accessible place with sliders and text boxes for quick input. Enhance white balance and colors or optimize exposure and saturation. Ashampoo Video Stabilization turns your camera footage into realistic and vibrant videos with support for all common formats and codecs at any resolution (including HD, 2K and 4K).

- Automatically removes flickering in your videos
 - Optimize white balance, exposure and color saturation
 - Rotate and mirror videos with ease
 - Rotate shots freely
 - Crop videos to any format

Product homepage: Ashampoo Video Deflicker

Company homepage: ashampoo GmbH & Co. KG
Added: 12.12.2019 22:12, User: s2001mc

I Hope To Win.
Added: 09.12.2019 21:12, User: irfanuas

Thanks for the Giveaway :)
Added: 05.12.2019 20:12, User: Toligo

A very good program
Added: 04.12.2019 10:12, User: steve1980

i love ashampoo product and i am happy user
Added: 04.12.2019 00:12, User: Dzi

[b]Ashampoo Video Deflicker description:[/b] Fix annoying flickering in your videos Regular price of this software product is [b]39.99 USD[/b]. In this giveaway you can get it for [b]FREE[/b]! Giveaway ends on December 23, 2019. [IMG]https://www.download.hr/pictures/giveaway_normal/ashampoo-video-deflicker.jpg[/IMG] Visit the giveaway page for more information: [url=https://giveaway.download.hr/windows/ashampoo-video-deflicker]Ashampoo Video Deflicker giveaway[/url]
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