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AweClone giveaway

AweClone giveaway

Powerful disk cloning software – easily and securely clone one hard drive to another hard drive.

AweClone 2.0 giveaway has expired!

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Powerful disk cloning software – easily and securely clone one hard drive to another hard drive.

Magoshare AweClone offers you an easy, secure and quick way to clone all contents of a hard drive to another hard drive/device. Thanks to sector-by-sector cloning technology of AweClone, you can completely move all data including files/software/settings to another hard drive or clone your hard drive to an external hard drive, etc.

AweClone offers you incredibly simple solution to make a full copy of your hard drive or system. You just need to select the resource hard drive and the target hard drive. Then AweClone will move all contents from the resource hard drive to the target hard drive without any loss.

Clone Windows system to another hard drive or external hard drive.

Clone entire hard drive disk or external storage device.

Clone hard drive partition without any loss.

Clone HDD to SSD or Clone SSD to HDD.

Clone old hard drive to new hard drive.

Make a backup of your hard drive data.

Easily restore your data from the cloned backup.

AweClone is 100% safe disk cloning software. It will never cause any data loss or physical damage. This powerful software is fully compatible with all popular Windows systems and Windows Server systems. If you want to make a full backup of your hard disk drive, or want to duplicate your hard drive to other computers, AweClone is your best choice – it is powerful, safe and pretty simple to use.

Product homepage: AweClone

Company homepage: Magoshare
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