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b.VPN giveaway

b.VPN giveaway

b.VPN is a high quality one-click VPN application that supports Microsoft Windows OS versions from Vista till Windows 10.

b.VPN giveaway has expired!

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b.VPN is a high quality one-click VPN application that supports Microsoft Windows OS versions from Vista till Windows 10.
Giveaway Offer in Text
With its user-friendly interface and express speed VPN servers around the world, b.VPN has succeeded in gaining the trust of online privacy defenders worldwide. B.VPN utilizes OpenVPN (featuring 256-bit encryption) to connect the user to its fast growing network of servers in America, Europe, Australia and Asia through secure VPN tunnel . Once you're connected to one of b.VPN servers, you automatically mask your real IP address and get a new one and therefore mask your real geographic location. This way, you protect your identity and personal details. Furthermore, your online activity will be kept away from preying eyes; no party can monitor your online activity including your ISP. B.VPN is the best solution to bypass geographic limitations and to access any blocked web content in your region. Use free wifi hotspots in public places and no longer worry about hackers or data sniffers. B.VPN is the one of very few VPN services that truly work in China with its customized UDP tunnel SMOKE that defies the great firewall. B.VPN comes with built-in DNS leak protection feature. Product Facebook page

Product homepage: b.VPN

Company homepage: iSpire

Giveaway limitations:
Giveaway includes 1 month paid plan


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Added: 16.10.2016 23:10, User: mamatue

1 month suscription. Thanks

Added: 13.10.2016 08:10, User: DHRSG Archive

Thank you for the giveaway! :)

Added: 13.10.2016 03:10, User: maxel

Thank you for the giveaway.

Added: 12.10.2016 21:10, User: meinpost

Thanks For Giveaway.

Added: 12.10.2016 20:10, User: tasiemka

Thanks for the giveaway!

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