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Iris giveaway

Iris giveaway

A desktop software for health and productivity.

Iris 0.6.9 giveaway has expired!

But you can check our other great free offers!
A desktop software for health and productivity.
Giveaway Offer in Text
It works in background and doesn't interfere with your work. It works on every operating system and has slick UI and good tech support. Iris combines all tips, tricks and medical researches for eye health and eye protection. It reminds you to take short breaks on regular intervals, makes your monitor better and improves your sleep. Iris blocks distractions and was build with productivity and health in mind. And most of all I update it regularly based on your feedback and on new innovative ideas for health and productivity.

Product homepage: Iris

Company homepage: IrisTech

Giveaway limitations:
Added: 14.07.2016 19:07, User: pumpa007

I like this giveway..

Added: 10.07.2016 12:07, User: Tablet

[IMG](link - external) A desktop software for health and productivity.

Added: 10.07.2016 00:07, User: Dzi

A desktop software for health and productivity. Regular price of this software product is 120$. In this giveaway you can get it for free! Visit giveaway page form more information: [url=(link - external) giveaway[/url]

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