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LikeNEWPC giveaway

LikeNEWPC giveaway

LikeNEWPC enables ANYONE to Fix Disabled, Badly Infected and Slow Windows computers Automatically with the click of a mouse!

LikeNEWPC 2.2 giveaway has expired!

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LikeNEWPC enables ANYONE to Fix Disabled, Badly Infected and Slow Windows computers Automatically with the click of a mouse!
Giveaway Offer in Text
Safe and Easy to Use, LikeNEWPC is well tested and validated software that performs complete (all in one) Windows computer repair. Designed for novices to be fully-automated and run unattended, LikeNEWPC is easy enough for beginners but powerful enough for the Pros. Our Two Step Process Runs 12 Scanners & Tools to Thoroughly FIX your PC! Step 1 performs low level fixes and validation on boot, system files, hard drive, drivers and hanging programs to repair non-starting or disabled computers. For best results it is advised that this step be ran in its entirety without interruption. Step 2 is the best Virus / Malware and Cleaning product available today for Slow and badly infected computers. Leveraging the stability obtained during step 1, we then use 7 different industry leading scanners and tools in a redundant process to remove ALL types of malicious programs. No other product provides this level of cleaning. Because LikeNEWPC is so thorough it takes longer (4 - 5 hours typically), like a tech would. If runtime is a concern you may elect to bypass the backup in Step 1 and run Step 2 at a later time. Best results obtained if steps ran sequentially. Together these two steps ensure your computers cleanliness and maximum stability. Steps may be run independently but doing so may detract from end results. Unlike all the others a team of highly skilled computer repair specialist and software engineers created LikeNEWPC.

Product homepage: LikeNEWPC

Company homepage: PCPinpoint Technologies, Inc.

Pentium 4 or newerMinimum 512 Meg RAMInternet Connection (required)Download size: aprox. 672 Megabytes (0.67GB).Run time 4-6 hours typically. Severe corruption or infection could take up to 16 hours.Backup time is additional and based on volume of data.


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Added: 19.09.2016 01:09, User: David Hagan

kubik67 said, "Where is the activation key?"

My key popped up after I got the page to load perfect after disabling adblock. But It told me it was not available for windows 8, 8.1, or 10.

Added: 18.09.2016 15:09, User: Dzi

That is a good question. I see that the have "optional payment" which sounds to me like donation: "You pay only $20 if your satisfied after you use our service." I'm not sure how it works and I will check with author.

Added: 18.09.2016 13:09, User: Proba Probanovic

What are differences between this giveaway version and one listed on Softpedia as freeware? ((link - external))

Added: 18.09.2016 09:09, User: kubik67

Where is the activation key?

Added: 18.09.2016 05:09, User: David Hagan

Does not work with Windows 8, 8.1, or Windows 10.

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