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novaPDF giveaway

novaPDF giveaway

novaPDF Lite allows you to easily create PDF files from any printable document.

novaPDF 10 giveaway has expired!

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novaPDF Lite allows you to easily create PDF files from any printable document.
Giveaway Offer in Text

Using novaPDF, both individual users and businesses are able to create PDF documents and easily share them, making the process of collaboration more efficient. With just a few clicks you can have your company's reports, contracts, workflows, agreements, marketing plans, spreadsheets, forms, products list, price list, charts, emails or other printable documents converted in PDF format.

Its purpose is to enable users to exchange electronic documents easier, independently of the application in which they were initially created. The resulted PDF files can be viewed on any computer with a PDF viewer (reader) installed.

Product homepage: novaPDF

Company homepage: Softland


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Added: 13.05.2020 07:05, User: DixiePenguin

Not really impressed. I have used three other Pdf editors and none required me to have a printer installed in order to install the edit program. I usually edit a document, save it, and then print it later IF i need hard copy. During install I also got a number of Argument Invalid errors before it refused to install because I had no printer driver.
Added: 10.05.2020 18:05, User: Marsorbitor

Thanks for this giveaway!
Added: 06.05.2020 11:05, User: friesenani

Very usefull. Thanks.
Added: 06.05.2020 10:05, User: goodvoix

Added: 06.05.2020 10:05, User: goodvoix

good Product for me
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