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Photomizer 2 giveaway

Photomizer 2 giveaway

Optimize and repair digital photos

Photomizer 2 giveaway has expired!

But you can check our other great free offers!
Optimize and repair digital photos

Photomizer optimizes your photos automatically. Thereby, the software considers the aspects of colour adjustment, object recognition, redistribution of tonality, white balance, resharpening and setting of shades, saturation, contrast optimization and the bright/dark correction. Furthermore Photomizer 3 adjusts the settings to the visibility of details and colors, to compensate for matte colors, to eliminate bloom, fog and other adverse weather influences. And it eliminates unwanted color casts.

Product homepage: Photomizer 2

Company homepage: ENGELMANN MEDIA
Added: 25.01.2017 11:01, User: kubik67

Free software of Engelmann Media GmbH - MyFormatConverter - Photomizer Retro - Simply Good Pictures 4 - CDRWIN 10 - freeTunes 4 - Videomizer 2 - MakeMe3D - CinemaHD 4 - i-Studio 7 - Android converter 2 - Win8Starter - Win8Studio Website: [url="http://free.engelmann.com/en/"]Engelmann Media GmbH | Gratis Software Produkte für Windows - Engelmann Media GmbH | Gratis Software Produkte für Windows[/url] OBTAINING THE ACTIVATION KEY DURING THE INSTALLATION
Added: 25.01.2017 10:01, User: Kalju

[FONT=Tahoma]Engelmann Media GmbH Photomizer 2 has been free at least year, maybe also longer, from that time, when Photomizer 3 released. It is free for everyone. Here is real homepage and how to activate. Homepage - [url="http://jumpto.engelmann.com/photomizer2se_jkdh7_en-uk.html"]Photomizer 2 SE[/url] How to get key Just [URL='http://downloadcluster.engelmann.com/photomizer-2-se.exe']download Photomizer 2 SE Full version[/URL] software and installPost installation a Activation wizard will popup where you need to put full name & email id and press “Request Serial number”. Find and copy Serial number on next page.[/FONT] [IMG]http://www.tiploot.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/Photomizer-2-SE-activation.jpg[/IMG] [FONT=Arial]Use this license key to fully activate software and get professional photo optimization features for free.To successfully run software, make sure you have .Net Framework 4 is already installed otherwise download [URL='http://download.microsoft.com/download/1/6/7/167F0D79-9317-48AE-AEDB-17120579F8E2/NDP451-KB2858728-x86-x64-AllOS-ENU.exe']from here[/URL] and install and then run software.[/FONT]
Added: 25.01.2017 00:01, User: Dzi

[b]Photomizer 2 description:[/b] Optimize and repair digital photos Regular price of this software product is [b]29.99 EUR[/b]. In this giveaway you can get it for [b]FREE[/b]! Giveaway ends on January 31, 2017. [IMG]https://www.download.hr/pictures/giveaway_normal/photomizer-2.png[/IMG] Visit the giveaway page for more information: [url=https://giveaway.download.hr/windows/photomizer-2]Photomizer 2 giveaway[/url]
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