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Secure PC giveaway

Secure PC giveaway

Block the specified folders, files and drives from being accessed by others

Secure PC giveaway has expired!

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Secure PC
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Block the specified folders, files and drives from being accessed by others
Giveaway Offer in Text

How to protect my PC?

Do you use your PC with your family or friends? Or is it possible to access your PC by someone else when you are not present there?

Please try the "Secure PC" product. You can eliminate all your worries.

"Secure PC" allows you to hide your important files when you are away from the office for a while, or to protect your files by temporarily changing your regular documents to read only.

You can block USB or Mobile connections to prevent your important files from being leaked, and you can disable the use of web browsers such as Internet Explorer and Chrome.

Save important files, such as bank accounts, to your secure drive. It is encrypted and you can only activate a secure drive if necessary.

You can also permanently delete files that cannot recover when you delete them.



* You can set a policy such as hide / read only for a specific drive, folder, or file.

* For convenient control, we have already set the policy to control the desktop, my documents, office files and etc. You can enable the desired policy.

* You can disable certain programs.

* USB, CD / DVD, and portable storage devices can be set to hide or read-only.

* You can disable Print, Bluetooth, etc.

* You can create multiple encrypted secure drives and open them in read-only and edit mode

* Secure drives can be delivered to others using the export feature.

* You can permanently delete selected files / folders making them unrecoverable.

* Files in the Recycle Bin can be permanently deleted making them unrecoverable.

* You can permanently delete files that can be recovered from within the drive.

Product homepage: Secure PC

Company homepage: xSecuritas, Inc

Giveaway limitations:
1 year licence


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Added: 05.08.2019 11:08, User: baziroll

xSecuritas said, "Hi, kv9999a24. Sent life time license key"

thank you activated

Added: 04.08.2019 22:08, User: Merchant

[USER=49280]xSecuritas[/USER] why do you need so many keys, or is it an advertising "move" to always be on the front page [SIZE=7][COLOR=rgb(184, 49, 47)]?[/COLOR][/SIZE] [SPOILER] [ATTACH type="full" alt="7584"]7584[/ATTACH] [/SPOILER]

Added: 04.08.2019 22:08, User: xSecuritas

Hi, kv9999a24. Sent life time license key

Added: 04.08.2019 07:08, User: kv9999a24

Lütfen kalıcı bir lisans gönderebilirmisiniz? E postam [email]kv9999a24b@gmail.com[/email]

Added: 03.08.2019 21:08, User: baziroll

xSecuritas said, "Hi Raur then, please send me your email. my email address is [email]support@xSecuritas.com[/email]"

hello sir i want permanent license as well thank you

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