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Sothink Blu-ray Copy giveaway

Sothink Blu-ray Copy giveaway

A powerful Bluray Copy software

Sothink Blu-ray Copy giveaway has expired!

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A powerful Bluray Copy software
Sothink Bluray Copy is a powerful Bluray Copy software that Copy and Burn any unprotected Blu-ray disc/ISO/folder to BD or HDD with no trouble and five copy modes for choice: Full Disc, Main Movie, Customize, Clone/Burn and Merge. Features: A. Various choices of copy modes: 1). Full Disc: Copy everything in the Blu-ray disc 2). Main Movie: Copy the feature movie (usually the longest title) only 3). Customize: Copy any specific part you need 4). Clone/Burn: Make a lossless Blu-ray copy with the perfect 1:1 ratio 5). Merge: Combines several titles from several sources into one BD, or seasons into few discs, with the original quality kept B. Full control of the output content As the source Blu-ray is in Sothink, the correct structure and titles along with the embedded audio & subtitle stream has been recognized and displayed on the interface. Users can choose the output content not based on titles but on chapters included in titles, and determine which audio tracks and subtitles to keep in the result. C. Blu-ray shrink Sothink supports Blu-ray shrink, with which, users can not only copy BD 50 to BD 50, BD 25 to BD 25, but also shrink the large-size BD 50 to much smaller size BD 25, and vice versa. D. Advanced settings Sothink's advanced settings feature enables users to make more specific settings for the output like removing HD audio, converting DTS/LPCM audio AC3. E. Fast processing Sothink's support of batch processing, NVIDA and CUDA can greatly increase the processing speed. The source reading and analysis is just like an eye blink, and the copying process usually can be finished in half an hour. However, the final processing speed is determined totally by your PC hardware performance, the source size and the writing speed of your drive. F. High-quality output video Apart from the lossless copy mode: Clone/Burn, Sothink can still presents you the high-quality Blu-ray copy with any one of the rest copy modes. You can hardly find any quality degradation in the output Blu-ray.

Product homepage: Sothink Blu-ray Copy

Company homepage: SothinkMedia Software

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Added: 18.07.2016 01:07, User: zor

Thanks very much, another :bravo:
Added: 17.07.2016 01:07, User: ToGor

I need see that software ... Thank You v.m.
Added: 13.07.2016 14:07, User: WormTechs

thank you very much
Added: 13.07.2016 14:07, User: Janosik

Very interesting soft - thank you for this giveaway.
Added: 09.07.2016 08:07, User: tarekma7

Thanks a lot for the good giveaway
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